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Zensual Enlightenment

Inhale. Exhale. As breathing is fundamental to our daily lives, we understand the importance of scent and how our noses play a role in our overall well-being. Many ancient cultures believed that beautiful scents were a means of communication with the gods. Even as far back as the 5th Century AD, throughout Asia, natural fragrances not only served religious purposes but were also sought for personal care, beauty, and well-being.

Inspired by the principles found in these ancient cultures we believe that creativity, scent, meditation, and relaxation go hand-in-hand. With a background in religious studies, printmaking , jewelry, music, and poetry David Evey, has spent over 25 years cultivating, researching and developing alchemical blends of natural ingredients and premium oils collected from the far corners of the earth. Through our temple of fragrances, you can uncover the evocative, powerful, and personal nature of scent in your daily life. All of our sensuous blends are proven to transform even the tiniest space into a soothing sanctuary for spiritual and physical rejuvenation.

Attractively packaged and individually hand-poured in recycled glassware and recyclable tins, we invite you to light a Good Karma Candle or Zensual candle  and discover the miracle of transformation as your mind and spirit are balanced. It is through this deeper wisdom and connection with your inner being that you can greatly improve the quality of the rest of your life.

Our candles are comprised of natural soy, vegetable waxes and other high quality ingredients.

At Zensual, we have spent years perfecting our candles and laboring over our scents as a much loved art. To guarantee quality, every Good Karma Candle and Zensual product is hand-poured in small batches at the time of order to ensure a fresh and highly fragrant product each and every time. It is our beautiful, highly aromatic, sophisticated fragrances and attention to quality that sets us apart from all the rest.

Good Karma Candle Company and Zensual is an artisan based company located in Southern California. We take pride in making our candles and products here in the USA working with recycled materials and USA based companies

David Evey - Owner and Candle Maker